Picture Framing Services

Picture Framing Services

Visit the workshop to learn about our picture framing services. We have hundreds of mounts to choose from along with over 200 picture frame moulding samples on display and access to over 10,000 different mouldings from all the major UK suppliers. Whether it’s a print, watercolour, oil painting or photograph, we will work with you design a layout that both complements and protects your piece.

Memorabilia Picture Framing Services

Memorabilia Box Frames

For those items that you want display and show off, our memorabilia box framing services are custom made to display your items with stunning visual effect. Designed to protect and preserve the piece, these memorabilia box frames are built to last. We can even include custom features such as LED Lighting and we can frame just about anything that you can imagine.

Medal Display Picture Framing Services

Medal Displays

Custom made medal displays for current or former members of our Armed Forces and other public services. Respectful and complimentary our medal displays are always popular and we only use materials and techniques designed to protect and preserve the items, finished with a frame of your choice. We provide a court mounting services as well as medal cleaning and we can also source replacement ribbons, bars and reproduced medals from the original manufacturer.

X-Stitch Tapestry Picture Framing Services

Cross Stitch & Tapestry

Cross Stitch and Tapestry has proven to be an extremely popular hobby. We provide a lacing and stretching service and you can choose complimentary mounts to enhance the appearance of the piece and finish it with a frame of your choice.

Canvass Stretching Picture Framing Services

Canvass Stretching

We stretch canvasses of all sizes using high quality professional stretcher bars in 3 three different profiles (Slim, standard or gallery).  Once stretched, the canvasses can be finished with either an “L” shaped tray frame specifically designed to display canvasses, or with a traditional style picture frame moulding. We can also print photo’s directly on to canvass.

Conservation Picture Framing Services

Conservation Framing

Part of our Picture Framing Service includes framing to conservation standard. We only frame with PH neutral mounts and other materials that are specially designed to protect and preserve your pieces of artwork. For the most valuable items, we can also install glass which provides 99% UV protection, museum glass and non-reflective glass to prevent long term damage.

Shirt Picture Framing Service

Sports Shirts

Football, rugby, cricket, boxing and all other types of sports shirt can be mounted with complimentary colours and finished with a frame of your choice. We can include photographs and text boxes as well to create a stunning visual display for your sporting memorabilia.

Sports Equipment Picture Framing

Sports Equipment

Cricket Bats and Balls, footballs, rugby balls and all different types of sporting equipment can be mounted and framed. Photographs, text boxes and autographs can be included in the display. Creative solutions are available for all different types of equipment and there are few limitations as to what can be displayed.

Custom Finished Picture Framing Services

Custom Frame Finishes

Unique, one off finishes to frames for extra special pieces. For a truly unique display ask us about our custom picture frame finishing services. We can create beautiful and complimentary finishes that you won’t find anywhere else and that are created specifically for you and your piece of art or memorabilia.

Autograph Signature Picture Framing Services

Autographs & Signatures

Autographs and signatures of famous celebrities and sporting personalities combined with photographs, patches, text boxes and other paraphernalia, all mounted in complimentary colours and finished with a picture frame moulding of your choice.

Repair Remedial Work Picture Framing Services

Remedial Work

Replacement Glass of all types including UV and non-reflective is available for damaged pieces. We are happy to re-mount pieces that need refreshing or to replace non PH neutral mounts that are damaging the piece. We can also carry out refurbishment work on items such as plaques and some picture frames, depending on the viability and the frame in question.

Unusual Items Picture Framing Services

Unusual Items

We can frame virtually anything, even if you can’t see it on our website, get in touch with us or visit the workshop with your project idea and we’ll advise you whether it can be done.

We can frame virtually anything



Picture Framing For 25 Years

At The Framing Corner, we’ve been creating stunning visual displays for artwork, pictures, canvasses,  memorabilia and other unusual items for 25 years.

Completed Picture Frames
Completed Memorabilia Frames
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I’ve worked with The Framing Corner for a number of years and all of my autograph picture displays are put together by The Framing Corner.  They’re always completed to the highest standard with top quality materials and they often come up with creative ideas to improve the look of the pieces. I often refer people to The Framing Corner for special projects.

Darren Wiltshire, Wiltshire Memorabilia

I have been using The Framing Corner now for around 5 years to mount and frame all of my original art work that I exhibit and sell locally and farther afield. The mounting and framing is extremely important to me and an integral part of my work, in my opinion the art work doesn’t look complete, without a high quality, complimentary mount and frame to finish the piece off. I have always found The Framing Corner to be welcoming, helpful yet respectful of my input of colours and designs, and always of a very high standard.

Tracey Rapson, Artist